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We are growing!

Are you interested in a career in the financial services industry and becoming your own boss?

The Problem: The average age of a financial advisor is 58 years old and many of those individuals are approaching the age of retirement. However, there aren’t as many new advisors getting into the industry. The demand for advisors is high, as many Canadians & newcomers do not know how to properly plan and secure their financial futures.

The Solution: We are developing a dynamic and diverse team of advisors to ensure everyday Canadians have access to bias-free education and advice. Our unique apprentice training program allows us to equip individuals who have zero background in financial services with the tools, resources, skills, knowledge, training, and government licensing needed to helpCanadians with their debt, insurance, investment and  financial literacy needs.

Our training program is a comprehensive system which ensures a combination of theoretical and practical elements. The goal is for all our apprentices to thoroughly understand the legal framework of financial planning, financial concepts and products and ensure they know how to help clients implement strategies that will get them to their financial goals.

How great is the need?

Many financial institutions focus on the wealthy few, leaving many Canadian families who are underserved.

While 78 percent of Canadian claimed to be financially literate, 60 percent failed a financial literacy test.


Just 25 percent of Canadians have an emergency fund.



Forty-eight percent of Canadians are within $200 or less from not being able to meet all of their bills or debt obligations each month.

Only two-thirds of households are setting aside money for retirement.



Less than 33 percent of Canadians have insurance coverage for serious life events.

46% of Canadians don’t have a financial plan in place to reach their goals, despite many feeling concerned about their retirement years.


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How To Apply?

Click the button below to apply.
Once your application has been screened, you will be invited for an in-person interview.

Come join our dynamic team and be a part of a revolutionary change.

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