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About Us
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Our mission is to ensure that all Canadians have access to financial knowledge and products that will help them build and protect their wealth.

Our Mission

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Our Core Values

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To revolutionize the financial services industry through holistic client centre approach.

Our Vision

HG Affluence Creators Group combines fun and competency to unpack financial education that has been taboo in our society for far too long. We provide access routes out of financial challenges and into financial freedom. According to a report by Equifax, Canadian consumer debt has risen to $2.32 trillion, with the average person having about $21,000 excluding mortgage debt. We have noticed this common struggle amongst Canadians, and we are the solution to this major problem.

Our mission is to ensure that all Canadians have access to knowledge that will empower them
to make the most fitting decisions that lead to accomplishing their financial goals. Our duties
are to ensure that Canadian families:

Eliminate Bad Debt
Have The First Insurance In Place
Invest Their Money To Outpace Inflation
Reduce Their Taxes Efficiently

We have developed solutions focusing first on education and developing a health money mindset. We ensure to take a holistic client centre approach to executing financial plans that aid to make our clients’ financial dreams become their reality.


We understand that a lack of financial education can lead to painful consequences in many facets of life. We focus on the most fundamental aspect of building wealth by educating Canadians on how money works. Financial literacy is the gateway to financial freedom.


We aim to inspire you to maximize every opportunity you are presented with. We want our clients to feel confident in their ability to comprehended financial concepts and knowledgeable to choose financial products they know will best suit their financial needs and goals.

Customer need to provide reviews. Reviews will be paired with client photos.


Implementation is power. We work with every client to create a unique blueprint that is conducive to reaching each person or family’s goals. We use a six-step process (Financial Needs Analysis) to identify where each person is starting in their financial journey and what their dreams are to develop a tailored financial plan that is unique to each client.


Change the trajectory of your financial future, not only for yourself but for the generations to come. We are not just here to create a one-time transaction with our clients. Our goal is to be there with you every step of the way through every major financial milestone to ensure that we help you understand how best to navigate each situation, get to the next level and build generational wealth.

About The Founder
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Harprit Gill was born in Punjab India, raised in Toronto (Jane & Finch) and is a former social worker with seventeen years of experience working in marginalized communities. Her goal has always been to help make change on a systemic level but found it very challenging to do that as a social worker. Although she was able to make individual impact, creating systemic change seemed nearly impossible.

Her journey to financial literacy and financial freedom was sparked with an unpleasant experience when she was denied an opportunity to learn about how mortgages worked by her bank, who by the way, she had been banking with since she was fifteen years old. She was advised to come back when she had amassed $60,000 in her bank account, then she would be able to speak to an advisor for more information. She felt hopeless knowing she had $33,00 of student debt she had to pay off and save tons more to have access to financial literacy, which every Canadian should have the right to. Working five jobs, she was determined to pay off her debt and save her down payment for her first home she just needed a little guidance to ensure she was planning in the most efficient way possible.

This experience led her to take the problem into her own hands and find resources to help her become financially educated. The more she learned the more she came to realize that the only way to create systemic change is by educating Canadians on financial literacy and the benefits of ownership. During this process she decided to take her career in a new direction where she could merge her passion of helping others through the lens of financial literacy and planning. She has immersed herself to truly understanding how money works and the intricacies of debt management, insurance planning and investing. In addition. In her first five years of being a licensed financial professional, she has helped over 400 clients on their journey to financial freedom.

Harprit is an independent broker who represents many major financial institutions such as the big banks, insurance companies and investment firms. This allows her to be bias-free from any one company or product and find her clients the best solutions that fit their needs. She is here to revolutionize the industry by taking an unconventional approach to financial planning. More importantly ensuring that no individuals or family are left behind.

Meet The Team
1. Integrity above all
2. Commitment to Client Excellence
3. Respect People
4. Inspiration over motivation
5. Innovation Towards Greatness
6. Hard Work Pays Off
7. Progress Over Pride
8. Lead By Example
9. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Apprentice Graduates & Licensed Advisors

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Elevating Those Who Want TO be Elevated (38).png

Our Core Values



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Philomena Attakora


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